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What Type Of Paper Is Best For Workbooks Printing? Empty What Type Of Paper Is Best For Workbooks Printing?

Wed Nov 30, 2022 11:01 am
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Workbook as one of the main school supplies is always hot popular with children's book market. Every year, the book printing factory print a variety of workbooks for different publishers and supermarket. For most publishers, select a suitable paper for their workbook printing will have a large effect on the workbook sales. So use suitable paper for the workbook printing is very important.

What type of paper is best for workbook printing?

Different people have different ideas. But no matter what types of paper we choose, we need to consider depend on the market, environment, printing effect. Because the paper choice will have a large impact on our workbook selling. To say it simply, we select a paper to custom our workbooks; we need to cater to the needs of the market. Once our workbook is popular in the consumer. Then our workbook will sell better. But at the same time, the printing effect and environmental concept also take an important role in the workbook printing and selling. Because of the government's strengthening of environmental protection propaganda. More and more customers are like selecting the green printing matter. And the printing effect will affect customers' writing and reading experience.

For workbook printing, different clients have their own selection. According to my years of a custom workbook for clients. Coated paper, offset paper and recycled paper these 3 types of papers used most. But there has a question, what type of paper is best for workbook printing? Let us discuss this problem with writing experience, color printing effect, eye protection,price and eco-friendly these five parts.

1. Writing experience

Students and teachers often use workbooks to do various of exercises and modify. So the writing experience is the first consideration for them to select a workbook. Coated paper, due to its surface with coating, which makes its surface is very smooth. When we write on the workbook which is made by coated paper, it is easier to stain ink to clothes and handwriting is easy to erase. If use this kind of paper to print the workbook, its writing experience will not be good for the students.

Different from coated paper, offset paper and recycle paper are uncoated on the surface. So the surface of offset paper and recycle are very rough. If use offset paper or recycle paper to custom workbook, there are will not have the problem with easy to stain the clothes with ink. More important, compared to coated paper, offset paper and recycle paper have better writing experience.

2. Coloring printing effect

If do coloring printing, most people will select coated paper. Because when we print the images on the coated paper, which can prefect restore image color. And make the images look more bright and realized. So that can achieve the effect of attracting people's attention. But when we print the image on offset paper or recycle paper. Whether from the coloring restoration or the effect of image lifelike, they are not premium as coated paper.

3. Eye protection

Because the students use the workbook to do exercises for a long time. So when we select a paper to print the workbook for them. We should consider the impact of paper on vision. Rather than the pure pursuit of rich and realistic printing effects. Although coated paper can perfect restore the image printing effect. But it is too bright. Under the influence of light refraction. If the students read or writing on this kind of paper for a long time. It is easier to make the students feel tired and then will hurt their eye.

But offset paper and recycle paper, in particular beige offset paper and recycle paper. Since uncoated, it will not have the influence of light refraction. Even the student for long time reading or writing, they will not make them feel tired. And due to it is not bright, it will have a better protection for their eye. Thus, beige offset paper or recycle paper is more suitable for printing workbook.

4. Environmental friendly

The raw material of recycle paper does not use wood pulp. But uses industrial waste or garbage and other paper made by screening and filtering through several processes. Mainly to dissolve paper into pulp for recycling. But we make the ordinary paper from pure wood pulp. When producing the ordinary paper, it will make large of exhaust gas and sewage. Besides, we made ordinary paper from pure wood pulp. It means that produce ordinary paper will cut more trees. Thus, whether from the consideration of environment or ecological balance. Select recycle paper to print the workbook will be more eco-friendly. In recent years, with the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection. Using recycle paper to print workbook will be more popular by people.

5. Price

Because producing the recycle paper, the making process is more complex than ordinary paper. Which makes its price more high than ordinary paper. If use recycle paper to custom workbook, the cost will be higher than coated paper and offset paper. That's why most of the publishers do not choose recycle paper to print workbook.

To sum up, if you want to print the workbook with good writing experience, low lost and better protect the student's eye, beige offset paper is better. If you want to print the workbooks with a lot of images in inner pages, coated paper is more suitable. If from the consideration of environmental protection, recycle paper is more suitable for workbook printing. The paper itself not has absolute good and bad. Whether how to select a paper to print the workbook, we need to consider from target customer. But from the popular of workbook market, workbook made by offset paper are more hot sale. That is to say, offset paper is best for workbook printing. Whether from cost consideration or writing experience.

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