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What You Need To Know About Lamination In Book Printing Empty What You Need To Know About Lamination In Book Printing

Mon Mar 27, 2023 11:21 am
Lamination takes an important role in book surface finishing. It not only takes an effect of protect printed surface, also decorates it.

What You Need To Know About Lamination In Book Printing 16751310

What's lamination?

Lamination, also known as laminating. Lamination refers to the use of transparent plastic film on the surface of the printed matter by hot pressing to protect and increase the gloss. We had widely used lamination in book cover, album, calender, gap,catalog, etc surface decoration and protection.

Lamination can divide into glossy lamination, soft lamination, matte lamination. Lamination makes the book surface look more bright. Soft lamination makes the book surface look more soft. Matte lamination makes the book cover more elegant and luxury.

Why use lamination in book printing?

1. Laminating surface can protect paper

After the paper is laminated, it is not easier to lose powder, which can prolong the life of its cover, especially for students' textbooks. The book surface with lamination not only not easier fade, lamination also moisture-proof, dirt-proof, dust-proof and waterproof.

2. Imprints are not easier damaged

In the binding process, if the cover and inner page design process of the book has a large picture that spans pages and appears at the crease. Then there will be intermittent white bars, which will affect the final presentation of the book. Once the edge bursts, the more times it is turned, the more it will intensify. And eventually it will crack directly. Then the lamination can protect the paper from bursting. So most of the book cover will use lamination.

3. Lamination can make up for printing defects

Lamination can largely compensate for the quality defects of printed products. It can cover many defects that appear during the printing process up after laminating. Especially after laminating with matte lamination.

4. Low cost of lamination

Compared to other surface finishing, lamination is more cheaper. The book surface with lamination can achieve brighten, protect paper, dustproof, moisture-proof, etc effect with low cost. Meanwhile, publishers can earn more profit.

Matte lamination and glossy lamination: how to choose

The book surface with glossy lamination, the color will be more bright and colorful and with three-dimensional effect. Glossy lamination is more suitable for a generally printed product.

The book surface with matte lamination, matte lamination product will bring the high-end, elegant sense for the readers. Matte lamination is more suitable for a more premium printed product. The cost of matte lamination is often higher than glossy lamination.

If your book is aimed at children, glossy lamination is a good choice. Because glossy lamination can enhance the color and graphic, and is easier to attract children's attention. But for the children's book, like board book,must with rounded corner, so that to avoid harm children's hand.

Glossy lamination catches readers' eye with its bright and rich color. But under certain circumstances, it will bring uncomfortable reading experience. But glossy lamination take a good protection for the book, and is not easier to leave traces on the surface. Even leave traces on the surface, it is easier to clean. So if your book is often used by the reader, glossy lamination will be a more wise choice.

Matte lamination makes the book more high-end and classy. Although matte lamination provide a good protection for the book, but it is easier to leave traces. That means such of book with matte lamination rarely read by people. Matte lamination often soft the color and making black color paler and less rich. And give the sense of more elegant for the people. If your book is aimed at collectible books or high-end books, like coffee table book,art book, etc, matte lamination is a good choice for you.

Whether glossy lamination or matte lamination, the important part is your design process and your target audience. If you don't know how to choose, please contact us. Our experts will give you a more professional advice.
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