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10 Tips On How To Save Your Money On Book Printing And Binding Empty 10 Tips On How To Save Your Money On Book Printing And Binding

Mon Apr 03, 2023 11:25 am
When printing books, more and more clients care about how to save money on book printing and binding. Following are some experience for save money on book printing and binding.

How to save money on book printing and binding

1. Small quantity choose digital printing

If your printing quantity does not meet the minimum printing requirements for offset printing. Or your printing need is not high, please select digital printing whenever possible. Because if your quantity is not meet the MOQ of offset printing, the printing cost is the same as which MOQ printing cost. That's why suggest you choose digital printing for small batch printing. Usually, digital printing is suitable for instant printing, short run printing, printed on demand.

2. Choose standard printing size

When you print your project, choose standard sizes whenever possible. When you using standard size to print your book, you can save much cost on different page types. Besides, select standard size to print your book, also can reduce paper waste. Like USA standard book size 8.5x11",6x9",5.5x8.5",etc, these sizes can see everywhere. They are thus also recognized as standard size.

3. Reasonable to choose printing paper

When selecting the printing paper, we should consider from publication intention, quality standard, paper properties and target reader, etc. Rather than one-sided pursuit of luxury. Such as if your book target to younger children, select coated paper will be more suitable than offset paper. Most people is not awareness the fact that coated paper is not expensive than offset paper.

If your book is with lots of images, using coated paper for color printing, the printing quality will be premium than offset paper. The text and image are printed on coated paper, which makes the color more bright and lifelike. For toddler books, bright and real color are more attractive for younger children. But if printed on offset paper, the color is dark and saturated. Which cause a poor impact on the book printing quality. Besides, most people are more willing to believe that use coated paper to do color printing, the quality is more better.

4. Select Black and white printing

If your printing project is black and white text, please select black and white printing whenever possible. As we all know that the cost of CMYK is expensive than black and white printing. If your images and inner pages are no need to do color, use pure black ink to printing, it will help you save a lot of cost. Such as text book, novel, manual, comic book, etc.

5. Mass printing

In the offset book printing industry, usually, the printing price is depend on your printing quantity. Such as custom hardcover book, if your printing quantity is less than 500 copies, the cost is the same as 500 copies. If you print more, your average printing cost is lower, and your profit is larger. But if you print too more, and your selling can't catch up, it will take up a lot of money and storage resources. So before starting printing, especially for the first edition printing, you much do a market research. Understand the market availability and sales potential of your books, can help you confirm the printing quantity.

6. Reduce printing process

Special printing process and binding because of expensive cost, which create a huge budget on the cost of books. So process selection should be have a scale. Selecting suitable printing process, which can improve the taste of book quality and enhance market competitiveness. But if over use printing process, it is not only increase cost and cause waste, the beauty also decreases without increasing and reduce competitiveness. Such as printing staple books, some kind of spiral bound book and perfect bound book (such as catalog, manual, text book, comic book), do not use special surface finishing whenever possible. It can help you save much cost and time.

7. Reduce attachments printing

If not necessary, reduce the use of end paper, bookmark belt, flap, etc whenever possible. Such as do flap is to increase side fastness among from front cover ant back cover, and keep cover flat, crisp. And place author portrait, author profile, content summary, etc. If for some kind of short run book, such as textbook, magazine, cookbook, etc, it is not needed to use flap. Reducing some kind of attachments, which can save cost and time.

8. Select suitable binding

When selecting the book binding ways should be depend on your book types, rather than just pursuing luxury. Such as for the normal book, if not necessary, use softcover binding is not hardcover binding. Like catalog, magazine, booklet, manual, flyer, etc, using saddle stitch, perfect bound, etc binding, not only can save much cost and time, also convenient for readers to read and carry.

9. Reasonable to select the chance of book reprint

Before reprint and republish, must be in-depth and accurate understanding of book sales. Timely and correctly grasp the coverage rate, sales situation, reader feedback, market saturation, sales situation of similar books, etc. of existing books. Which can help you do a good job of planning whether to reprint and evaluate the number of reprints. So that to save more reprint cost.

10. Select suitable shipping way

Shipping takes an important part in book printing budget. Selecting the suitable shipping way can help you save much cost. Usually, if your time is enough, shipping by sea is cheaper than by air. The total weight of the book is very important in the shipping price. But don't worry, if you printing at BookPrintingChina, our experts will accurately estimate the total weight and different shipping way of arrive time whenever possible. Then combine your book weight and time budget, give you the best shipping suggestion, so that to help you save more as possible as.
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