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5 Guides For Custom Board Book Printing: Self-Publishers Can't Miss Empty 5 Guides For Custom Board Book Printing: Self-Publishers Can't Miss

Thu Sep 22, 2022 11:09 am
With the development of self-publishing and children's board book. Many authors and parents choose self-publishing and printing their board book. Because most authors and parents are the first time to custom board book printing, they don’t know how to do. Following are 5 guides for the custom board book. After reading this article, it can help you a lot.

1. The choice of board book printer

Choosing a right board book printer is the same as choosing your companion. Once you choose the wrong, you only can cry and learn a lesson. And next times replace your companion or keep going wrong. That's just a joke. But choosing a right board book printer is very important. It determines what printing service and quality you get.

How to choose a right board book printer?

(1) Watch his service.

How to determine whether a board book printing company is professional or not? You just need to talk with him, you can feel it.

(2) Watch his sample.

(3) Watch his scale and printing equipment.

(4) Delivery period.

Please follow my update, next article I will detail discuss how to choose a right board book printer.

2. The choice of paper for custom board book printing service

Most customers custom their board book printing often choose 300-350g one side coated paper. And then mounting two papers together. Because using this kind of paper to custom board book. Which makes the picture look more colorful and attractive.

3. The choice of finishing

Custom board book printing, we often use lamination, UV coating,gold foil, silver foil, varnish, etc, processes.

Such as,custom board books with bright lamination, which makes the book with the function of waterproof and not easier to fade.

The book cover with gold foil or silver foil. When the readers touch the cover, it feels more texture and high-end.

4. The choice of printing ink.

Because the readers of board books are children. They are just starting to learn the book and often touch or bite the book. If you use ordinary ink to print board books for children. Harmful gases can enter the child's respiratory system through touching the ink. Since soy ink is pure plant extract. Even the children bite the book, it will not harm the health of children. Soy ink as a green ink often use for custom board book printing in recent year.

5. The choice of printing quantity

No matter custom what types of book printing, you print more, the price is more cheaper. But the quantity is based on your budget. When you decide how many copies you plan to print, you need to consider your budget carefully.

Need to custom the fine print book for selling? Please contact to start your board book printing service. We have over 20 years of experience in the book printing industry. Because of premium service and affordable price, we have won many good reviews from our clients.
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