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how to choose a right board book printer? Empty how to choose a right board book printer?

Tue Sep 27, 2022 12:06 pm

In recent years, with more and more parents pay attention to early childhood education. Which make that children's board books are hot popular in the children's book market. And more and more self publishers choosing print their board book for the kids. But there have a question, many self publishers are first time to self publish their board book. They are often vexed by choosing a right board book printer. So I write this article and hope to give self publishers some guides.

Choosing a right board book printer is take a important role in board book printing. It determines what printing service and quality you get. I sum up below 5 tips to select a right board book printer.

How to choose a right board book printer?

(1) Watch his service.

How to determine whether a board book printing company is professional or not? You only need to talk with him, you can feel it.

(2) Watch his scale and printing equipment.

Because of COVID-19, which makes many customers can't visit the factory. So that their can't clear to know the scale and equipment of the factory. Does that mean we can't master these messages? Of course not. We still can master these messages in many ways. Such as open printers' website, whose website detail introduces a factory’s scale, equipment, employees, etc. message. We also can see the factory by video or in real time through the Internet. A professional board book printer, who is willing to send his factory video to customers. Because it is convenient for the clients, to know his factory strength and then take the order.

(3) Watch his price.

The price is key factors to affect us to choose a board book printer. When we custom board book printing, we often choose many board book printer to get quotations. But different printers, his price is different, how to choose? Base my years of experience with custom book printing service for different clients. Most clients choose a board book printer. Because his price are high competitive than other printers. The high competitive price means that compare to the prices of the same printing need. Of course, the price is not the only factor to select a board book printer. We also need to take other factors into consideration.

(4) Watch his sample.

They satisfied with the sample or not, it will decide which board book printer we will choose. So when we receive the sample, we need to compare which is suitable for quality, price and proofing time.

(5) Watch his delivery period.

The delivery period is an important factor to select a right board book printer. Because different board book printer, whose delivery period is different. Sometimes, some self publishers want to receive their book very urge. If a board book printer whose price, service, quality and delivery period is meet his needs. He will choose this printer to custom his board book.

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