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Why Choose Flip Book As Enlightenment Books? Empty Why Choose Flip Book As Enlightenment Books?

Mon Feb 20, 2023 7:25 am
Why Choose Flip Book As Enlightenment Books? Flip_b10

There are many types of children's book in the children's book market, such as flip book, pop-up book, sticker book, comic book, story book, etc. But as parent, most of us will choose a flip book as our children's enlightenment books. Why? I sum up the below reasons.

5 reasons for select flip book as enlightenment books

1. Easy understanding

The little baby starts to know the world, and they master words are very limited. Thus, they can not understand the complex words. The flip book is customized for such a group of children. The printed flip book often combines with simple word and pictures. Usually, each page is one to ten words with one corresponding picture. Such as the words is the number ten, it will correspond to a ten cartoon character. So that to help children to understand the word's mean. Compared to other types of enlightenment books, custom flip books for little baby, which is more easy for them to understand.

2. Learning and playing combination

How to attract little children to read the book is a problem. During this age of children, they are just in the active phase. For this age of children, they are fresh about everything and everything attracts them just for a short time. Thus, they are hard to focus on one thing for a long time. When print children's book for such age of children, it often need to consider more.

The flip book with flip function. When the little children open the book, the flip picture will attract them to keep reading. Each when they flip the picture, there will have a surprise waiting for them to open. The flip book attracts children to play and explore. In the process of playing, they also can learn some words.

Flip book is prefect combine with learning and playing. Even if the little children are fresh about everything. But when they flip the picture, they find the surprise, they will keep open next surprise. During opening the flip picture, they are also learning and considering.

3. Make children laugh

Laugh is the rare thing in the world. When we grow, we will found less and less thing can make us laugh. If reading the book, can make our children laugh is not crying, why should not we worth for us to try? But what kind of book will make children laugh? According to a survey, compared to other types of children's book, flip book is more easier to make children laugh. This is because when the children open the book, they will find the hidden surprises are waiting for them. When they open the flip picture, there is also the next surprise here. In finding of surprise, because they are finding the treasure in the book hidden place, so they laugh.

4. Safe and green

Most of the little children have the habit of bite or tear book.Flip book printing often with more green ink-soy ink. Each corner cutting round corner and binding with eco-friendly PUR glue. Even they bite or tear the book, it will not harm them. Select flip book for the little children, they can enjoy reading at a more safe and green environment.

5. More interactive

The flip book with various of a flip page on the book pages. Whether the children self-read or read with their partners or parents. Such kind of book with more interactive. When the children open the flip book, the flip pages can attract children to open, so that they are not easier to boring. If they read with their partner or their parent, together open the hidden pages, it can increase the interactive and improve the share feelings.

Flip books with unique flip function, easier to understand, learning with playing combination, are easier to attract little children to read. That's why most of parent choose a flip book as enlightenment books.

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